Speak Italian Like a Local: Conversational Italian for


A comprehensive course that covers all the essential conversational topics and phrases that you need to communicate

with locals.

Improved Communication

The course helps you communicate more effectively in Italian, allowing you to navigate everyday situations with ease.

Enhanced Travel Experience

By speaking Italian like a local, you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture and get a more authentic travel experience.

Time Savings

The course is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, saving you time and hassle.

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Speak Italian Like A Local: Conversational Italian For Travellers

will help you speak the language like a local, so that you can immerse yourself in the culture and get more authentic travel experiences on your next trip to Italy.

You’ll learn the most common conversational topics and phrases that travellers need to communicate with locals.

You’ll also learn common Italian idiomatic expressions, regional slang, and dialects.

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

  • Confidently engage in everyday conversations in Italian, including greetings, small talk, discussing hobbies and interests, and making plans with new friends.
  • Navigate various travel-related situations, such as asking for and giving directions, using public transportation, and inquiring about schedules and fares.
  • Handle emergency situations by using essential vocabulary, asking for help, explaining a problem, and contacting emergency services.

The Topics we will cover throughout the course are:

  • Pronunciation Mastery: You'll gain insights from a native Italian speaker on how to accurately pronounce challenging sounds in the Italian language.
  • Essential Vocabulary: You'll acquire the most frequently used Italian words and phrases for a variety of everyday situations you may encounter during your travels.
  • Grammar Fundamentals: By the end of the course, you will have a solid grasp of crucial grammar concepts, enabling you to comprehend the structure and logic of the Italian language.
  • Expressions and Idiomatic Phrases: We'll delve into captivating Italian expressions and idioms that you can use to impress your friends and enhance your conversational skills.
  • Cultural Insights and Lifestyle: You will familiarise with Italian culture and lifestyle to forge deeper connections with locals and gain a better understanding of the Italian way of thinking.

Let's see the BONUSES you'll get when you enrol:

Bonus #1: Italian Pronunciation Guide

When accessing the course you'll receive your Italian Pronunciation Guide, everything you need to know to master Italian like a local.

Bonus #2: Essential Italian phrases for Travel ebook

Essential Italian phrases to converse with Italians in their native language and truly immerse yourself in the culture.

Bonus#3: Access to a private facebook group

Stay engaged and connected with me, a native Italian speaker, and a vibrant community of students. Feel free to ask questions, seek assistance, and tap into our collective knowledge and support.

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